A longer list of references is available upon request. Please feel free to contact any of the following personnel, or call me at your convience.


1.) Sheriff Leon Lott, Sheriff of the Richland County in Columbia, South Carolina.    1 (803) 576-3000


2.) Sheriff Scott Walton, Sheriff of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma.


3.) Sgt. Debbie Rinehart, Sgt. in the North Charleston Police Department, South Carolina


4.) Staff Sergeant Boyd “Airborne” Bearden, Former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper (“Operation Desert Storm”)


5.) Chief Mike Bondarenko, Prescott Police Department, Wisconsin


6.) Rick Miller, Retired U.S.Army CID-Military Police and Battalion Fire Captain / Lillian Fire Department  1 (850) 221-3333


7.) Tom Dunmire, Erie Police department (PA) and Former U.S. Marine


8.) William Charles, Atlanta Police Department Lt. (Georgia)


9.) Lou Gaydosh, Lt. New Orleans Police Department (La.)


10.) Thomas J. Doran, Former U.S. Army and Retired Penn. State Police Officer




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