1.) RICK MILLER: Retired U.S. Army-Battalion Fire Chief. Has an extensive collection of Law Enforcement and Military patches and insignia. Loves to trade!


2.) LEONARD HANHAM: Retired Houston Police Officer. Has a fantastic collection of Houston and Texas Displays. Loves to trade!


3.) JOHNNY MAYO and “BUCK’S HEROES”: Johnny is a former U.S. Army “K-9 Handler” with the 187th Airborne with multiple tours in Vietnam.

His book, BUCK’S HEROES, is illustrated by Tonia Marynell and depicts true stories of loyal military working dogs and their handlers who served during the Vietnam War. 4,000 dogs served! It is interesting to note that these stories  are told by the Military Dogs to “Buck”, and everything is viewed through the eyes of these “War Dogs”. BUCK’S HEROES is an excellent source of U.S. Military History and also contains actual photographs taken by U.S. troops while in Vietnam. Both Johnny Mayo and Scott Barksdale worked together to design-develope-implement the “Buck’s Heroes” and “War Dog” patches seen under the Military Section of “Barksdale’s Custom Patches”....See


4.) DAVID BELL: Former U.S. Marine Corps Veteran-Richland County Sheriff’s Department for 38 Years! David is a former combat Marine who served in the Vietnam War, followed by 38 years of outstanding service with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, S.C. David is an avid contributor to the Officer Down Memorial Page; this site lists Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty in the U.S. A  poem written by David goes out as a tribute to the families that survive these fallen officer....To date, ALL family members since 1970 have received a copy of his poem! David Bell is a gentleman and a true friend of mine!       Also see The Badge Poem at and Marine Corps Poem at


5.) MIKE BONDARENKO: Mike is the Chief of Police in Prescott, Wisconsin and is also the Publisher of “Police Collectors News”; this a publication featuring law enforcement badges, patches, medale, uniforms, head gear, and photographs dating back to the War Between the States! It is published 6 times a year, and has numerous “guest wrtiers”....Well woth checking out his site!


6.) ODMP (OFFICER DOWN MEMORIAL PAGE) “Remembering All of Our Law Enforcement Heroes” killed in the Line of Duty dating back to 1791!

“Thank-you” to Mr. Chris Cosgriff who was instrumental in the start of ODMP when he was a college student. Over 20,000 officers’ have been killed in the Line of Duty in the United States. God Bless these men and women, one and all...and “thank-you” David Bell!

7.) BRUCE CLIFTON:  Bruce is the owner of Bullseye Visuals, Inc., a Graphic Design firm in Chapin, South Carolina. His firm is in business to think creatively for his customers. Their desire is to establish themselves as a valuable asset to small businesses or corporations by becoming an integral part of maintaining your company’s visual identity and presence to their customer base. Bringing 30 years of experience to the table, Bullseye Visuals designs and produces all types of printed marketing and advertising material for your product or service. His specialities include, but are not limited to, Illustrations, logos, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, sales sheets, newsletters, postcards, pocket folders, posters, stationary packages, invitations, annual reports, web page design, animated web banners, product line art, conceptual product design, point of purchase displays, signage, photo retouching, package design, tradeshow graphics, power point graphics and much more. The list literally goes on and on. His diverse background offers any current or prospective client the assurance of a full service graphic design, advertising and marketing outlet, all in a convenient one-stop shop and at typically half the rate of other advertising agencies. Thanks  Bruce for your years of creative input!




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